Would you go back to high school for nostalgia’s sake? Picture this scenario: it’s 2004 and you’ve rushed home from your dreaded day as a sophomore to change into your My Chemical Romance band tee and grab your purse with gel pen scribbles of Dashboard Confessional lyrics. You can’t wait for “the summer and the Warped Tour,” as Blink 182 once famously sang and you post a diary entry on LiveJournal about how your mom is taking too long to bring you to Hot Topic.

Now imagine it’s 2022, you’re now in your 30s and your day-to-day life includes finding cheap gas prices and scrolling through social media during your work hours. Suddenly, a tour announcement catches your eye and you need to grab your reading glasses to make sure you’re seeing this right. When We Were Young?! Headliners Paramore, MCR, Taking Back Sunday? You’re ready to book your flight to Las Vegas before you notice the price tag of $250 before fees and remember you need to check your bank account so you can eventually move out of your parent’s house.

Well, here it is for elder emos! When We Were Young is the ultimate throwback festival for those still stuck in the days of dramatic gym class tragedies and Gym Class Heroes on your original iPod. Currently boasting a three weekend lineup with revolving stages, this festival seems too good to be true; however, all events have been sold out within hours. Say what you will about millennials but we are certainly making sure our vaccines are up to date in order to hear Avril Lavigne belt out “I’m With You” while we cry through our $1 black eyeliner and $10 beer.

But is the festival worth it to live out your glory years? The problem with When We Were Young brings me back to mid-2000s Warped Tour where concert goers had to fill out a schedule card to choose between the Silverstein or 3OH!3 show at 8:30 on the main stage. We were shaking in our Converses back then and it will certainly be the same now, except with orthopedic support soles. But fear not, former MySpace queens! For as low as $250 per show, you can complete your dream emo lineup and enjoy two brief songs from all of your favorite bands.

When We Were Young is a definite throwback for those with expendable cash who miss 12 hours in the sun during Warped Tour. It also isn’t just for the generation who use TikTok for cooking videos instead of elaborate dancing clips. The resurgence of pop-punk thanks to artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Willow Smith, and Travis Barker has made emo music cool again for the younger crowd that can spend their money on retro merch to show off on Instagram.