Post Malone is a genre-bending artist who’s always trying a new sound. The man is just as passionate about rapping and hip hop as he is about singing and playing the guitar, and he proves it in his music. With a new album about to be released – twelve carat toothache – let’s revisit some of his past discography and highlight his five best songs to date:


A stunning song off his sophomore album beerbongs & bentleys, “Stay” is a rarity among Post’s catalog, but a welcome one. This acoustic ballad tells the story of a fractured relationship and puts Post’s vocals on full display, pairing them with lovely harmonies. “Stay” has a unique song structure, and gives us a closer look at who he is as a songwriter and as a man. 

“Sunflower” ft. Swae Lee

Part of the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack, “Sunflower” was one of the lead singles from Post’s third studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, and it rightfully charted for months after its debut. “Sunflower” begins with an instantly intoxicating beat, then moves into croons from featured artist Swae Lee, whose dulcet voice effortlessly hits crisp, bright notes. It’s a welcome juxtaposition to Post’s gritty tone. “Sunflower” is a prime example of why Post is so popular – he’s always putting out something new and synthy with a catchy beat, and he’s always featuring the right artist. 

“One Right Now” ft. The Weeknd

There was no possible way a collaboration between Post Malone and The Weeknd could go sour. The only issue? Why haven’t we been blessed with work from this duo before? “One Right Now” is the lead single off Post’s forthcoming album, and hopefully bodes well for what we’re about to hear. 

Post Malone and The Weeknd are not living in the same time or universe as the rest of us, and “One Right Now” is proof. It has both a catchy tune and beat, and features the best of both their falsettos. Both sing a verse and a chorus separately, Post changing the melody just slightly from The Weeknd on the lyric “you think it’s so easy, fucking with my feelings.” When they come together for the line, their small melodic distinction makes an epic harmony for the last chorus before the outro. Fantastic stuff. 

“I Fall Apart”

“I Fall Apart” from Post’s debut album Stoney is one of the reasons we fell in love with this artist to begin with. His gravelly voice against the beautiful piano creates perfect tension, and the lyrics are quintessentially Post Malone. He gives a great vocal performance on this song – one that may not be technically perfect, but one that clearly expresses his pain.

“I Fall Apart” introduced us to who Post Malone is as an artist and as a person – someone who wants to make music you can cry to, music you can get high to, or music for you to sing at the top of your lungs when everything seems to be falling apart. 

“Better Now”

Another song from beerbongs & bentleys, “Better Now” is a breakup song about both parties trying to convince themselves they’re better apart, and Post acknowledges he’s moving on, for better or for worse. Post is sharing pouring his heart out to this woman atop a catchy beat and melody, and every listener’s heart collectively breaks when he sings “I promise, I swear to you, I’ll be okay / you’re only the love of my life.” Oof. That one hurts, but the song is so damn good.